Antaragange is a smallAntaragange_1 hilly kind of place with a temple & an adventure cave, where people say a very small stream of water falls through the year. It is located in Kolar district .

We started the trip early, around 8.A.M on 26th Jan in 2 cars. It is around 77-80 km from Bangalore via Bangalore Tirupati highway. We all met at a common point and caught up with each other. After having a light breakfast we resume our journey and reached Kolar, from Kolar it is just 5 km to Antaragange and there were lots of our ancestor (Monkeys :-P) waiting to welcome us. Those who dare to take “Panga” with them can show some food packets :-P.

We started climbing to Antaragange temple at 10:15 am and reached atop quite climbing some 120 steps. You can find a lot of Parrots on the way. We had lot of fun teasing each others. We reached Antaragange temple by 10:30 am. We took the water from the ever flowing fall. As per mythology it is connected to Ganga & till date it has never gone dry. Water is clear & sweet and few people took bath beneath this(I wish some local governing authorities should take steps to stop it).

Antaragange Caves 

We continued our trekking at 10:45am, now there were no steps we need to walk on the rocks. We were crazy and started howling like wolves. Finally we reached Antaragange Caves at around 11:15 am.Antatagange_2 Near the caves there was a guide who was saying “You guys will get lost if you go inside as the exit point is bit tricky and hidden”, well this triggered adventurous instinct in us and Mountain dew’s tag line “Dar ke aage Jeet hai”. Entry to the caves was hidden behind the bushes, since there was a path we some how got it. As soon as we enter the caves we started our crazy howling, this was heard by the guide and he warned us not to make sound as there are bee hives present there. The Path to the central cave was bit difficult as we need to jump and do some Yogasana :-P, but at the same time we had easy way too. This reminds my fathers words “There will be many paths to reach our destination, its you who need to decide to take which path”. In Centre caves we took pics :-P. By the way we didn’t lose our way as we found the exit path following the sunrays, that was peeping through the rocks. As we exit from the caves it was 12:15pm, we were sweating and there was no water left with us. We further continued our journey and reached small well; It is said that there are around 7 villages on the hill, since it was hot sunny day we saw only 2 of them. We relaxed a bit and decided to return. We reached our car at around 1:30 pm and Had nice North Indian cuisines and back to “Namma Bengaluru”. In short it was Awesome, Adventurous and Crazy small Trip.

-Swathi H R

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