Terrace Gardening


This post is quite specific to terrace vegetable gardening and published based on the experiences shared by my Uncle Shivaprasad A K working as Senior software engineer at HP and Aunty Chithra homemaker, residence in Bangalore.

General Recommendations

– Make a start and get your hands dirty! You will not learn everything on day one. It will take some time for experience to kick in and make the best out of the knowledge gained.

– Grow what you need. Do not get excited and tempted to grow everything at one time. Start slow.

– Be prepared to come across some nasty looking insects and bugs!

– Use some reference sites, they can be your best assistants. There’s tons of information out there, waiting to be read and seen.


What do you need to start

Space: Balcony or terrace with proper sunlight.

Containers: A good thick UV treated plastic grow bag.

Container holder: PVC pipes interconnected to form a rectangle or shape of the plastic grow in order to hold the container.


Water : On an average, watering every alternate day is good enough. Keep on motoring the plants, notice weather they look dried or not.


Finally a quote : Treat the plants like your babies and they will give you amazing returns”…

  • Ajaykrishna A. M.
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  1. Sahana Naidu says:

    Nice and useful article…


  2. Shankar kumara says:

    Interesting and useful one…


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