Joy Of Giving


Have you imagined about getting a new lease of life at any point of time?

Did you get something when you needed most for someone whom you don’t even know?

At the same time

Have you given something to somebody?

Have you ever thought that giving something to someone when they needed it, but never  expected it?

Answers to these questions are what make the difference in life.

When the 1st two questions give you happiness, the next two also give you more  satisfaction. Have you experienced it? If not just think over it for a while.

I have some experiences in my life which have made me the way I am. Let me share with you some of them.

Way back in 70’s when I was born little did I know what my mother had gone through to bring me into this world. But only thing I did was to cry, that cry which brought happiness to the people around me.

Then in later point in my life I got a chance to be reborn again this was 30 years after my birth. But this time I was lucky enough to be in the safe hands when I was actually supposed to die in a road accident. If not for those unknown saviours who took me to hospital when I was lying on a busy street junction after dozing off when driving, it would not have been possible to share that with you here.

There have been many other experiences which made me to be an active blood donor for almost 12 years, where I had an opportunity to be a source for leasing a new life to people whom I knew and I did not through my association with Indian Red Cross ( Now I am not a donor, but working for the cause.

For the last 10 years I have been associated with Bangalore City Traffic Warden Organization ( Here I have got an opportunity to work with the Bangalore City Traffic Police. I am thrilled, satisfied and happy when I see the happy and relieved faces of policemen, who are committed to their duties but have so many obstacles coming in the way. I feel elated when the motorist on the road feels more at home when I talk to them in the busy intersection about their life’s on the road with regards to road safety. Those moments of happiness when I was awarded “Best Traffic Warden” of South Division during the annual raising day parade this year cannot be explained.

Some point of time in life there would be a time when in this body has to take rest. In order to live of that moment too I have committed myself to donating the body to “Gift your Organ” foundation ( This organization works in the field of Organ and body donation.

Friends, Joy of Giving can be anything; I need not really be monetary. It can be something which brings that happiness to your life and the life that is impacted by your action. Act now and enjoy Life.


Duty at BTM Layout Udupi Garden Signal on 22 Nov 2015. It was s pleasure to have the Young Turks of#TrafficKnights #VolunteersforaCause led by Sai Krishna with us. These youngsters are a dedicated lot self inspired and motivated doing an excellent job. Not to forget our colleague from MICO Layout Traffic Mr. Manjunath

– Venkatesh Baliga

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