Christmas In Bangalore


Santa hats are being sold at signals and plum cakes sit pretty in bakery aisles —Christmas is here! Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is not restricted to a particular religion; in cosmopolitan Bangalore, we all ring in the festivities with equal gusto.

As the chill descends, the city is lit up in cheery reds, greens, blues and yellows. TOI looks at ways in which Bangaloreans celebrate Christmas…

One look at Bangalore’s most popular road and you know that the festivities are here. Brigade Road is at its glorious best this time of the year, much to the shoppers’ delight. Walking down Brigade Road under the lights is a ritual for many city folk.


It’s time to eat, drink and be merry, and what better place to stock up on Christmas goodies than in the city’s most iconic bakeries? Many international chains have made their way into the city, but nothing can beat age-old bakeries like Thoms Bakery, Fatima Bakery and All Saint’s Bakery.


Brightly lit Christmas trees, wreaths, holly, baubles, tinsel, fairy lights and maybe even a mistletoe? If you are looking for these decorations, then head down to Commercial Street, Cox Town and Johnson Market.


Spread joy by making others smile. You can sing carols or share a Christmas meal with the elderly at an old-age home or with children at one of the many orphanages in the city. Attending a charity ball is another way to help out, as is buying greeting cards made by children.


A group of merry people visit homes and sing their favourite carols — the tradition of singing carols is alive and kicking in the IT city. There are several popular choirs, including those from colleges that take on the task of spreading cheer each year.


One Christmas tradition that few miss is the midnight mass. For years, Bangaloreans have been heralding Christmas Day at St Patrick’s Church, Infant Jesus Church and St Mary’s Basilica, among many others.


Catholic Club Catholic Club is synonymous with Christmas. If you want to jive with the swankiest crowd in town, then this is the place to be. The party goes on till late and the dinner spread is one to look out for.


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