WOMAN – A Mystery

A Womanil_570xN.629573364_dfe0
maybe a daughter or a sister
maybe a wife or even a mother
and sometimes
maybe just all of them
She is there
to cater for everyone’s need.
She is kind, she is gentle
She is caring, she is a wonder
Be an encouraging smile
in our Paradise
or a gentle supporting touch
in our agony & pain
She spends night in jubilance
to celebrate our Happiness
She spends sleepless nights
to Support us
to come out of our Darkness
She is a Child, She is lovable
She is a Girl, She is Adorable
She is a Lady, She is Adaptable
She is a Woman, She is a Mystery
who lives with us all
but yet too hard to unfold…

– Aastha

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1 Response to WOMAN – A Mystery

  1. Kutty Priya says:

    proud to be an women…


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