ABIBA participated in EDCH (Etisalat Data Clearing House) UGM, an event held in Dubai. Abiba showcased Silent Roamer Analytics (SRA) & its capabilities to telecom operators. It got an overwhelming response and the Etisalat team appreciated by giving a positive feedback.


“A noteworthy presentation material was from ABIBA”

  • Neel, Our EVP was one of the key speakers.
  • This User Group Meeting was organized for all the Roaming Managers and hence was the right place to present on SRA.
  • The audience accepted our solution and generated a lot of business leads post the UGM.


The rate of today’s mobile data usage is truly astounding. According to the latest Cisco Virtual Networking Index report, global mobile data traffic grew 81% in 2013. As a result of this trend, data roaming continues to provide a great growth opportunity for mobile network operators. Yet, despite soaring growth in domestic data usage, international usage continues to be relatively small because a large percentage of mobile users routinely switch off data service when they travel — a group often known as Silent Roamers.

The influx of smart devices has caused a surge in data demand and has transformed the mobile world, making connectivity crucial for users on the go. Chief among these is the capability to gain an instantaneous view of a user’s connectivity needs and to serve those needs in a relevant and timely way — the concept of real-time intelligence. Obtaining all relevant information about silent roamers, such as location, handset type, visit duration and the breakdown of voice and data usage, is possible when the operator has a comprehensive business view that integrates data from both clearing and network services. The composite ‘big data’ picture gained when combining data from different sources can be leveraged to identify the factors that are important to the individual roamers. By analyzing the results of these segmented, targeted offers, operators can fine tune and improve their marketing campaigns. The net result is increased usage and revenues. SRA is all about Understanding, Prediction, Detection and Action.

– Aastha

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