WHERE mind = ‘relaxed’ and heart = ‘happy’ and  soul = ‘healthy’
GROUP BY friends, family
ORDER BY good thoughts, dreams;

Being in this software world, have you ever thought about the wisdom we can get through programming? Let us find out.


Programmers take a big software project and divide it into smaller components as per the requirements. Smaller tasks are better understood, managesimplifyd and implemented thus giving better outcomes. Well planned approach towards taking decisions in the early stages plays a major role in deciding the final outcome.

This holds well in our life too. Before taking big decisions such as buying a house, it is always helpful for you to divide the process into smaller steps. This will help to predict all possibilities at each stage, and then trace through various scenarios to decide the best approach for best results.


The choice of variables and its data type in code shomaxresdefaultuld be in such a way that it should help the processor to know what and how much to expect. Appropriate data types mean better performance.

We have to be organized to achieve our goal in life. Identify the right space, time and path for everything and anything in life and then witness life unclutter at once.

REUSE & REJOICERejoiceReuseRecycle_697x329_697x329

Any good programmer knows the advantage of reusing blocks of code. It reduces time thus reducing cost. Sharing the code increases the knowledge among the team members.

We are quickly running out of space. It’s time to learn the 3 R’s of environment – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. In this way, we save resources, energy and our environment.


One of the common mistakes in programming is getting stuck in an infinite loop without any conditions to end the loop. This eats up all the available space in the system and kill process is the only way out.loop

We plan multiple things in life – trips, investments, career etc.
The idea of an escape route in life is to be ready for the worst scenario so that we do not get struck in infinite loop and end up dropping the plan.


Close what you have opened. Free what is no longer required.clear-history Memory Management is necessary to avoid memory leaks by processes which are no longer needed and provide memory for more important processes thus improving performance.

Negative thoughts drain energy and keep us from being in the present. Hence it is necessary to frequently scan our memory to erase all negativity and free up space for positive thoughts in life.


Life would be much simpler if we had the source code. We insist on making life complicated even though we are aware that there is no CTRL+Z. Life is a code, write efficiently and run successfully.


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1 Response to DECODING LIFE

  1. Manjunatha N R says:

    SELECT * FROM life
    WHERE mind = ‘relaxed’ and heart = ‘happy’ and soul = ‘healthy’
    GROUP BY friends, family
    ORDER BY good thoughts, dreams;
    wow what a query
    but this query won’t work
    untill you select friends ,family, good thoughts and dreams and extend your group by to good thoughts, dreams

    Liked by 2 people

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